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Management of information as a basis of success

This is your philosophy as well as ours. Being in the lead as far as information is concerned decides on market position and business success. And this means:

  • Correct data must be available at the right moment.
  • Information is laid out clearly and concentrates on the most important tasks.
  • Additional information can be retrieved at any time depending on the topic aimed at.

Innovative DP-solutions?

You know the advantages of electronic dataprocessing. But there is also a feeling of unease in view of the different kinds of systems, offers and programmes. You want to have reliable solutions with justifiable costs. And, above all, you know your aims. What you need are the suitable instruments for it.

... in order to support the decision-making processes!

Scattered data are joined together:
present planning quantities and the current results in market research, sales and management information, process information and professional details. The use of progressive information technology based on a constant concept will bring specific advance to your enterprise. And this is our goal.

And this is why we have built up an integrated service offer: from advice to concrete application, from the analysis via design to the development; maintenance and service included.

Your wishes determine our aims...

Consulting means to us: find out about your special equirements, think about the problem as a whole and outline specific solutions. This applies to the preparation as well as to the carrying out of DP- projects. At the beginning will be the exact analysis of your individual situation which ensures suitable concepts. Together we will work out the specification of the system you want, which will then determine our work on the development.

Result-orientated thinking ensures advantage in competition

... and our competence guarantees reliable software solutions.

After all, we pursue a common aim: solutions at a reasonable price which will still exist tomorrow, functional products corresponding to your demands, special developments available according to schedule.
b.i.t. uses modern methods of project handling to make this possible, and observes systematically the latest scientific as well as commercial trends in information technology. You want to consolidate and enlarge your market position, we offer the permanent technology transfer needed.

Integrated technology concepts provide efficiency

Combining single pieces of information and converting different data into meaningful information, feeding actual process data and precisely coordinating the employees´ activities: thought-out technology concepts will make your business processes faster, more efficient and less cost-intensive.

Promoting the dialogue within your enterprise?

You are dreaming of an optimal solution: systems which are easy to handle, secured production observation and control, general availability of data, self-defined reports or specific presentations.
You do not only want to improve communication in business and drive forward organisation analysis but you also think of adequate presentation.
Fast, direct, and precise.

... with flexible communication systems

We know how to come up to your demands. We have the instruments ready:

Management information systems

By using relational database systems and open, object- orientated and portable development tools you will get a versatile and variable control instrument in order to reach your enterprise aims.

Database technology

Relationaldatabase systems facilitate the functional use of your complex data. But only a sound design enables you to make use of your data for the long term.

Network technology

With client/server architectures you can create information networks which can be applied within your enterprise as well as outside. Thus you will be able to optimize the results of your re- engineering process. You communicate online with your clients, suppliers and partners. Intranet and internet are the media in order to keep in touch.


We give you extensive support as far as your software is concerned: no matter whether you deal with project or configuration management, tests, quality protection or the single steps of a development process - we are the appropriate partner.

b.i.t. offers transparency and competence

Low costs and high quality are not necessarily contradictory. Open systems, modular system architecture, and modern development tools make it possible. As a result we can offer you effective development of even extensive software packages.

Methods and tools

Our development bases are UNIX-systems and those similar to it. Through the strict adherence to standards like POSIX and X/OPEN and through the clear client/server architectures we can guarantee a high portability of the software developed by us.

We use frameworks for solutions within the enterprise as well as for internet solutions. In analysis, design, and encoding we concentrate on object-orientated procedures.
As a result you will have software products that run reliably with various operating systems and user surfaces.

Quality management

In our company manual we have a phase model for software development corresponding to the methodology of the SEI Software Engineering Institute which by far exceeds the guidelines of the DIN/ISO 9000ff norm. Our quality protection sees to the carrying out of these procedures and rules and guarantees transparent project processing at any time. It goes without saying that we cooperate with independent experts.
You can see that b.i.t. demands high quality standards which make sure that you are on the safe side regarding appointments, costs and efficiency.

beratungsgesellschaft für informations-technologie mbh

b.i.t. is a young enterprise where you will find an extended combination of ability and knowledge, competence, project experience, and pleasure of innovation. Constant continuation of education goes without saying and steady improvement is much more than just a catchword to us.

A selection from the b.i.t. experience spectrum:

Programming languages

Scala, Java, C, Objective C, Oberon, Modula, Pascal, D, PL1, Cobol, Fortran, Assembler


UNIX (BULL, DEC, Linux, NeXT, HP, SUN), VMS, MS-Windows, MVS

Database Systems

PostgreSQL, Sybase, Oracle, MS-Access

Methods and Tools

Structured analysis and structured design, entity relationship modelling, object-orientated analysis and object-orientated design, various technologies of compiler techniques and interprocess communication.

beratungsgesellschaft für informations-technologie mbh

Industrial sectors

Chemical industry, energy industry, building automation, communication marketing, national defence, aviation and space industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, software development

If you like to have more information about us, do not hesitate to contact us!


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